Dr. Lucas Zapf

Research, Development, Training


  • PhD from University of Basel, on work ethics in market economy (2014); MA in Religion, Economics and Politics (Zurich, 2010); BA in European Studies (Eichstätt/D and Almería/ES, 2007)
  • Experience NGO: Collaborator Ethics and Business at Swiss Federation of Protstant Churches (Berne, 2011-14); Assistant at Ethics and Communicatoion Law Center ECLC (Lugano, 2015-17)
  • Numerous publications and lectures on ethics in organisations (scientific and general-interest)
  • Dedicated to transfering latest ethics research into practice: understandable, applicable, well founded

Risiken vermeiden, indem man das Umfeld seines Unternehmens richtig einschätzt. Dazu liefern wir wissenschaftlich fundierte Beratung.